Political Entrepreneurship program

The philosophy of Centre for Democracy (Political Entrepreneurship Program) is “Learn to lead”.

Political Entrepreneurship is a mix of all disciplines. Experience has shown that successful politicians require an understanding of management essentials, in particular, demographic knowledge, marketing, strategy, human resources, and finance, but also the knowledge to leverage best practices gained by skilled politicians’ i. e. political – social understanding.


This intensive program is designed for participants, who are tempted by an entrepreneurial endeavour, as well as young, dynamic politically motivated and politically enthusiastic entrepreneurs with concrete development ideas in mind.


As part of the Political Entrepreneurship program – ‘Learn to Lead’, students will share their experiences and contribute to the development of new leadership ideas. Centre for Democracy professors will ensure that participants leave the program with a thorough understanding of the critical concepts and tools required by a wide range of political aspects ranging from digital innovation, technology, social platforms tools and others.

Students will be taught in teams of learning with actual field understanding on the development of their specific political ideas. At program close, participants will present their political models plans to the class, and receive final feedback from professors.

Real election exposure will makes you more confident rather than book reading.

Assurance: After completion of the political Entrepreneurship Program every student is efficient to lead in the area of interest like contest self election or to manage budding politician’s election.


Course Term: 3 Months (area identification) + 3 Month (Field Exposure)

Course Fee: 60,000/- Total course
Registration open from April 2018

Mail: info.centrefordemocracy@gmail.com
Whats app: 9810294700