Sanjay Maurya


Sanjay Maurya is a founding member of VidhiVetta Law Firm. Sanjay’s years with premier intellectual property law firms provided him with the opportunity to gain deep expertise in a range of technologies while his significant in-house experience enables him to provide his clients with the kind of practical, real-world guidance sorely lacking in the traditional law firm model. Sanjay endeavors to help clients optimize the resources they allocate for their intellectual property programs and maximize the value of their intellectual property portfolios. Sanjay began his legal career in private practice at VidhiVetta Law Firm, starting as a founder Director of Vidhii Consulting – technology specialist and ultimately becoming a founder and the head of the VidhiVetta Law Firm’s practice group. While at, Sanjay developed expertise in a wide range of technologies and industries and closely studied business and revenue generation module, such as multimedia systems, computer hardware including fault tolerant systems, object oriented systems and databases, medical devices, internet technologies and business methods. Sanjay is a graduate of Law from University of Delhi ( Law Faculty – Campus Law Centre )