Legal Aid


VIDHIVETTA Law Firm, undertake a large volume of publicly “Legal Aid” funded by the some individual Groups.  Our clients are required to meet the eligibility criteria for “Legal Aid” work which means that they are required to fall within the criteria for financial assistance and their case needs to be relatively strong in merits, i.e. they need to have good or reasonable prospects of success and meet the cost benefit criteria.

We are probably the leading legal aid practice in “Family Law” in the country and undertake a large amount of Consumer Protection & Negligence work, Fraud and Property Law cases funding on legal aid specialising in larger types of High Court cases.  A large amount of our cases are conducted in the High Courts.

We undertake a large amount of defending Petition work and have a vast amount of experience in defending those Petitions, particularly presented by the Revenue & Customs for unpaid income taxes and local authorities for unpaid Taxes.

 prescribes that a citizen is entitled to proper and expert legal representation in ensuring that he has a right to a fair and just trial which also includes the right to proper expert preparation for a Court hearing as preparation is vital to the success at a hearing.