Criminal Lawyer


We represent our clients in Criminal Litigation in various Courts and Forums. We provide services in matters relating to Bank/Financial Institutions Fraud & Forgery, Violation of Intellectual Property Rights /Cyber Laws, Piracy, Imitation, Dishonour of Cheques, Criminal Breach of Trust, FEMA violation, Narcotics and Drugs violations, Custom & Excise Laws, General Criminal laws namely Bails, Trial, Evidence, Suspension of Sentence, Appeals, Revisions, Quashing of FIR and Criminal Writs.

Criminal Law

  1. Anticipatory Bail
  2. Arrest
  3. Bail
  4. Summons
  5. FIR
  6. Investigation
  7. Adultery
  8. Adulteration of drugs
  9. Adulteration of food or drink intended for sale
  10. Causing death by negligence
  11. Cheating and dishonestly inducing delivery of property(sect420)
  12. Concealment of former marriage
  13. Criminal Misappropriation of Property
  14. Defamation
  15. Defense of Property
  16. Dowry Death (304B)
  17. Extortion
  18. Forgery
  19. Husband or relative subjecting the women to cruelty
  20. Kidnapping
  21. Marrying again during the lifetime of husband or wife
  22. Nuisance
  23. Obscene Acts and Songs
  24. Rape
  25. Rash driving or riding on a public way
  26. Right of Private Defense
  27. Right of Private Defense against deadly assault when there is risk of harm to innocent person
  28. Right of Private Defense against the act of a person of unsound mind
  29. Right of Private Defense of the body and of property
  30. Sale etc. of obscene books
  31. Selling goods marked with counterfeit Property Mark
  32. Theft
  33. When the right of private defense of the body extends to causing death
  34. all law in which crime is involve.